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As of 15 August 1945, Japanese historian Masaya Shiraishi has estimated there were some 83,000 Japanese soldiers stationed in Indochina. According to Japanese and American sources, in September–October 1945 there were around 48,000 soldiers and 2,000 civilians located in Vietnam north of the 16th parallel. Approximately 30,500 Japanese located in northern Indochina were repatriated to Japan through the port of Haiphong from 29 April 1946. As for southern Indochina, on 20 May 1946, the French reported that over the previous five weeks 68,084 Japanese had been shipped to Japan. The British handed over to the French at the same time 1,596 Japanese, including 427 who were wanted for war crimes committed during World War II in Asia. Except for deserters and crossovers, almost all of the Japanese troops had been repatriated by late 1946, including some 7,000 civilians in April 1946. A Vietnamese history of the colonial prison at Poulo Condor reported that the French deported some 75 Japanese prisoners of war to the island penitentiary. They remained there during most of the Indochina War. What became of them when the Republic of Vietnam assumed the prison remains unknown to this author. See also DESERTION, JAPANESE.