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As the French accelerated their efforts to create the Associated States of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in 1948–1949, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) countered from April 1949 by developing their own revolutionary Indochinese alliance. In August 1950, the Vietnamese presided over the creation of the Lao Resistance Government (Chinh Phu Khang Chien Lao) and the Pathet Lao national front, replacing the now defunct Lao Issara movement. With Chinese support now behind them, Vietnamese communists reaffirmed their internationalist commitment to an Indochinese revolution and to Indochinese associated states in opposition to those supported by the French and backed by the West. Prince Suphānuvong led this Laos resistance government aligned with the DRV. See also ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE FOR THE FRONTIER; ADVISORY GROUP 100; ASSOCIATED STATES OF INDOCHINA; COMMITTEE FOR EXTERNAL AFFAIRS; COMMITTEE FOR THE EAST, LAO ISSARA; INDOCHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY; INDOCHINESE FEDERATION; KAISÔN PHOMVIHĀN; LAO RESISTANCE GOVERNMENT; NGUYEN THANH SON; PARTY AFFAIRS COMMITTEE.