Historical Dictionary


LÊ VǍN HIẾN (1904–?)

Ranking Vietnamese communist who served as minister of Finances during the Indochina War. Born in central Vietnam, he began his career in the colonial postal service before becoming involved in radical politics in the late 1920s. In 1928, he joined the Vietnam Revolutionary Youth League and was arrested three years later on a charge of sedition. In 1933, upon his release, he opened a bookshop in Da Nang, joined the Indochinese Communist Party in 1935, and agitated during the Popular Front period. In 1940, he was arrested again and remained in jail until the end of World War II. Upon his release, he joined the Democratic Republic of Vietnam government in September 1945, serving first as minister of Labor then, from March 1946, as minister of Finances. He held this post until 1958. In 1946, he entered the Vietnamese National Assembly. During the war years, he was deeply involved in high-level decision-making on important economic, financial, and political questions for the party and the government. In 1995, he published his wartime memoirs in two volumes, Nhat ky mot bo truong or Diary of a Minister.