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Following the dissolution of the Lao Issara in October 1949 and faced with the emergence of the Associated State of Laos, Vietnamese and Lao leaders opposed to the French met in Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) controlled territory in Vietnam in August 1950 to create the Lao Resistance Government and a new national front, the Pathet Lao or Lao Nation. Like the Viet Minh, the Pathet Lao was designed to gather support from all different parts of Lao society, regardless of class, ethnicity, or gender. The Pathet Lao, like the Khmer Issarak, worked closely with the DRV and the Lien Viet national front during the rest of the Indochina War. See also ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE FOR THE FRONTIER; ADVISORY GROUP 100; ASSOCIATED STATES OF INDOCHINA; COMMITTEE FOR EXTERNAL AFFAIRS; COMMITTEE FOR THE EAST, LAO ISSARA; INDOCHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY; INDOCHINESE FEDERATION; KAISÔN PHOMVIHĀN; LAO RESISTANCE GOVERNMENT; PARTY AFFAIRS COMMITTEE.