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Backed by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the People’s Army of Cambodia emerged at the Cold War conjuncture of 1950–51. This “revolutionary” army came to life officially on 19 June 1951 in Kampot province, about a year after the creation of the People’s Revolutionary Party of Cambodia and the Cambodian Resistance Government in 1950. Based on the Sino-Vietnamese model, the Cambodian army numbered several thousand troops by the end of the war in 1954 and, thanks to the military support of the Vietnamese in 1953–1954, controlled large swaths of territory in northeastern Cambodia. In accordance with the Geneva Accords signed in July 1954, its troops were demobilized, integrated into the Associated State of Cambodia’s national army, or relocated to northern Vietnam. See also ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE FOR THE FRONTIER; ARMY, ASSOCIATED STATE OF CAMBODIA; COMMITTEE FOR EXTERNAL AFFAIRS; COMMITTEE FOR THE EAST, LAO ISSARA; HOANG VAN HOAN; INDOCHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY; NGUYEN THANH SON; PARTY AFFAIRS COMMITTEE.