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In 1947, the Malayan Communist Party, then run by an ethnic Vietnamese named Lai Tec, approved the secret transfer of captured Japanese weapons to the forces of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) fighting the French in southern Vietnam. The Malayan party assigned this task to Chan Mun Boy, who in turn arranged the transfer to the DRV of 150 tons of weapons and equipment by boat. Working closely with Duong Quang Dong, in 1947 Chan Mun Boy moved the arms from Malacca to the Thai port town of May Ruot. Vietnamese teams then transported the arms overland across Cambodia to southern Vietnam. After delivering most of the arms successfully to southern Vietnam, Chan Mun Boy joined the Vietnamese resistance, adopted Vietnamese nationality, and ran guns out of Thailand for the DRV until he transferred to Cambodia in 1949. See also MÉTIS.