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DUCLOS, JACQUES (1896–1975)

Number two in the French Communist Party (FCP) during the Indochina War. Taken prisoner during World War I, he turned to politics after the conflict, joined the FCP, and rose rapidly in its ranks thanks to his work in the Comintern and support from Joseph Stalin’s ally and head of the FCP, Maurice Thorez. After World War II, Duclos was sympathetic to the independence aspirations of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, led by another communist who had been a part of the Comintern’s networks during the interwar period, Ho Chi Minh. However, Duclos and others in the FCP disappointed their Vietnamese counterparts in the Indochinese Communist Party with their tepid support for the DRV’s nationalist cause at the outset of the Indochina War. Ho Chi Minh’s diplomat abroad, Pham Ngoc Thach, reported as much to his Soviet interlocutor in late 1947.