Từ điển chiến tranh



Important communist leader in charge of the overseas Chinese for the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the south. In 1948, the Indochinese Communist Party (ICP) Central Committee dispatched him to southern Vietnam. In 1949, with the approval of Le Duan, he began working from Dong Thap Muoi at the head of the Committee for the Mobilization of the Overseas Chinese and in charge of the Bureau for Overseas Chinese Affairs in Nam Bo. With the Chinese communists aiding the Vietnamese in the north, the Vietnamese attached increased importance to garnering the support of the large Chinese population living in southern Vietnam. This was Pham Dan’s main task. To this end, he helped publish resistance papers in Chinese and Vietnamese, disseminated a wide range of propaganda, and urged the Chinese in Vietnam to join Sino-Vietnamese friendship associations, clubs, and fronts. He also oversaw accelerated efforts to set up departments for the overseas Chinese in every southern province under the secret control of the ICP. Pham Dan returned to northern Vietnam around 1951.