Từ điển chiến tranh



Early Cambodian communist and future Khmer Rouge leader. Born in the province of Vinh Binh in colonial southern Vietnam, Ieng Sary grew up in Cambodia where he obtained a scholarship to study at the Lycée Sisowath in Phnom Penh. He met Saloth Sar, the future Pol Pot, in 1947 and both supported the newly created Cambodian Democrat Party. Although Ieng Sary helped organize an anti-colonialist student demonstration at the Lycée Sisowath in 1949, this did not prevent him from obtaining a government scholarship to study in France, which he did between 1950 and 1953. He enrolled in a commercial school in Paris before transferring briefly in 1953 to the Institut d’études politiques, better known as SciencesPo. During his time in France, he became involved in radical politics with Saloth Sar and others. He is alleged to have joined the French Communist Party. Upon his return to Cambodia, he at first played an insignificant role in the Cambodian communist movement dominated by Cambodians allied with Vietnamese communists. See also ADVISORY GROUP 100; CAMBODIAN RESISTANCE GOVERNMENT; COLLABORATION; COMMITTEE FOR EXTERNAL AFFAIRS; HOANG VAN HOAN; INDOCHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY; INDOCHINESE FEDERATION; KHMER KROM; NGUYEN KHANG; NGUYEN THANH SON; PARTY AFFAIRS COMMITTEE; LAO RESISTANCE GOVERNMENT.