Historical Dictionary


The historical dictionary of the Indochina War on-line here was first published as the Historical Dictionary of the Indochina War: An International and Interdisciplinary Approach (1945-1954), Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press/Copenhagen, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, 2011, 600 pages. Over 1,500 entries provide detailed information on a wide range of people, places, things, and themes relating to the Indochina War (1945-1954). As the sub-title indicates, it seeks to provide more than just the basics. It also brings to light a wealth of information on the international and interdisciplinary nature of this war, including its social and cultural aspects.

Although the dictionary is in English, many entries will appear in their original French or Vietnamese spellings.

The online publication of this dictionary was kindly granted by the of Nordic Institute of Asian Studies for educational and research purposes only. The reproduction of the contents of this dictionary is strictly prohibited.