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High-ranking military leader in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV), born in Nghe An province. He joined the revolutionary movement in Vietnam in 1929 and became a member of the Indochinese Communist Party about a year later. He was incarcerated on numerous occasions. In 1940, the French transferred him to a prison in the highlands of Kontum. In 1943, Chu Huy Man escaped and helped take control of Quang Nam province following the Japanese defeat in August 1945. He became deputy secretary for the Provincial Committee of Quang Nam and a political commissar in the Detachment (Chi Doi) Quang Nam. Between 1945 and 1951, he served as the president of the Politico-Military Committee for Zone C (Ban Quan Chinh Khu C) located in central Vietnam and as a political cadre in the Route 9 Front before becoming regimental chief and political commissar in Inter-Zone IV (Lien Khu IV). Between 1951 and 1954, he was the deputy political commissar then the political commissar for the 316th Division. He served in this capacity during the battle of Dien Bien Phu. In mid-1954, in spite of the Geneva Accords directing all foreign troops and personnel to leave Laos, he transferred secretly to eastern Laos where he presided over the creation of the Pathet Lao’s army and headed up Advisory Group 100. See also ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE FOR THE FRONTIER; COMMITTEE FOR EXTERNAL AFFAIRS; COMMITTEE FOR THE EAST, LAO ISSARA; INDOCHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY; INDOCHINESE FEDERATION; KAISÔN PHOMVIHĀN; LAO RESISTANCE GOVERNMENT; PARTY AFFAIRS COMMITTEE.