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The secret administrative unit through which the Indochinese Communist Party (ICP) first directed its affairs in Laos. It was first known in the wake of World War II as the Office for External Affairs (Phong Ngoai Vu). In late 1947, the ICP revamped and renamed it the Administrative Office for the Frontier under the leadership of Tran To Chan, a longstanding member of the ICP, fluent in Lao and Thai. The party committee for Inter-Zone IV (Lien Khu IV) and its Resistance and Administrative Committee jointly controlled this secret unit in charge of all communist activity in and for Laos and oversaw the secret training of Lao cadres and troops working with the Vietnamese. The Administrative Office for the Frontier created the Lao Issara Committee for the East in late 1947, putting Nūhak Phūmsavan in charge of it. Like its equivalent in Cambodia, the Committee for External Affairs (Ban Ngoai Vu), the Administrative Office for the Frontier was the prime mover in the early development of communism in Laos during the Indochina War. See also ADVISORY GROUP 100; CAMBODIAN RESISTANCE GOVERNMENT; HOANG VAN HOAN; INDOCHINESE FEDERATION; LAO RESISTANCE GOVERNMENT; NGUYEN KHANG; NGUYEN THANH SON; PARTY AFFAIRS COMMITTEE.