Interview of Nguyen Van Ca

Nguyen Van Ca was born in 1928 in Tien Du, Bac Ninh. Like Do The Thuong (006), Ca talks about the competition between the Communists and the Democratic Party in Tien Du after World War II. Also like Do The Thuong, Ca doesn’t always provide much precise information on exactly what he was doing during events such as the August Revolution. He talks briefly about the National Assembly election in early 1946 and some of the problems associated with the “secret” or clandestine (bi mat) status of the Party at that time. What he describes in most detail is his participation in the “anti-superstition” campaign, in which he and others discussed and explained to locals the need to get rid of old practices and traditions, such as ancestor worship and various practices associated with it. He ends with saying that he considers it unfair that his village (xa) and he himself were not awarded a “hero status”, as local members of the Party went through many sacrifices and hardships during the war.

Interview of Nguyen Van Ca 007