booksThe Bibliography is designed to provide scholars, teachers, students, and general readers with access to published sources on the Indochina conflict and all the sides involved in it. We have simultaneously tried to provide materials published in Vietnamese, French, and English. As a work in progress, we have just begun with the bibliography by developing here two preliminary « pillars »:

  1. the listing of Vietnamese-language publications dealing mainly with the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the Associated State of Vietnam
  2. a compilation of non Vietnamese language sources published since 2003, in order not to duplicate Alain Ruscio’s magisterial bibliography of the Indochina War (Les Indes Savantes,2002).

Eventually, however, we wish to provide the most complete on-line bibliography of the Indochina War, covering the pre-2003 in all three languages. This will, of course, take us much more time to realize. Another excellent electronic bibliography, dedicated to all of the Indochina Wars, is administered by Edwin Moïse.