The chronology offers two possibilities for organizing major events in the history of the Indochina War:


A simplified chronology allows one to see the general course of the conflict.


A detailed chronology allows one to navigate in time more comprehensively.

The detailed chronology is ordered as follows:

  • Date
    (Filter the date through ascending or descending order)
  • Place
  • Event
  • Actor or protagonist
    (for example: DRV for the Democratic Republic of Vietnam; PAVN for the DRV’s National Guard and, from 1950, the People’s Army of Viet Nam; French Armed Forces for the French Expeditionnary Corps, etc.)
  • Theme
    (politics, economics, military)
  • Keywords
    (women, state formation, police, etc.)

Please type the name of the item you are searching (with or without the accents) in order to find it in the chronology. Sort the results according to the date, place, themes, actors or keywords. Or you can browse the database using the column filters.

Source: This chronolgy is a collaborative project, based on an earlier version completed by David Marr and Jennifer Brewster and supplemented by the work of Phi Vân Nguyen.